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Revolutionising National Security

Oxidia’s mission is to revolutionise how national security is achieved, ensuring that the UK and her close allies are at the forefront.

Our ways of working are:

  • We own issues and work tirelessly to resolve them in a no excuse culture
  • We operate at the highest professional standards in a constant pursuit of excellence
  • We trust and empower decision making
  • We deliver detailed oversight and planning
  • We operate at a high tempo of activity to ensure all investments proceed efficiently
  • We deliver clear-eyed focus on the areas that deliver productivity
  • We set objectives and ensure we deliver them

We believe that emerging technology can realise its potential through being matched with specialist user needs in defence and intelligence. In doing this we contribute to national security, boost the power of UK and Western technological innovation and retain a national competitive advantage.

We help the sector to be successful.

A Rare Opportunity...

For Investors

  • Understanding the client and market
  • Making a difference to national security
  • Identifying genuinely innovative, useful and highly valuable technology
  • De-risking high-potential companies
  • Realising a good return on an investment into a secretive area
  • Supporting the UK's and the West's lead in developing defence and intelligence technologies

For Prospect Companies

  • Spotting the potential in emerging technologies
  • Matching technological innovation to user requirement
  • Understanding what the user needs
  • Refining a good idea into commercial success
  • Navigating the national security market
  • Achieving a sale
  • Gaining investment into highly niche and scientifically advanced areas

Delivering on the Promise

  1. Oxidia's unparalleled knowledge and unique user expertise matches cutting-edge, high potential technology to end-user requirements
  2. Through directly accessing 500 years of specialist user experience, we can either follow the user's requirements or suggest capability-driven solutions
  3. Identifying where developmental technology will fit users’ needs in the future, thus ensuring the value of the tech is maximised at the key time
  4. Investors gain access to areas that others cannot, while contributing to national security
  5. Making a winning difference to the front line of security and intelligence

Oxidia's Strength Lies in its History

  • 1993

    Founder JH joins specialist UK Military

    Founder RS joins specialist UK Military

  • 1993-

    International operational experience with specialist military units

    International operational experience with specialist military units

  • 2007

    Founded with no investment

  • 2008

    Continuously on contract for a UK or US Mil development project since the company started to operate in 2008

  • 2012

    Grew organically from zero to £10m revenue / £2m EBITDA in 5 years along with one acquisition

    Took investment in 2012 which also resulted in returning a £750k return on the previous acquisition

  • 2013

    Made a second acquisition in 2013 of a similar sized company with a market dominance in tracking systems

  • 2017

    Founded in Feb 2017 with four directors

  • 2018

    Association established with 12 members in April 2018

    Founders become full time

  • 2021

    Expanded to seven directors in 2021

    Association expanded to 170+ members in 2021

    No investment at any stage

    Turnover exceeds £1m

  • Oxidia mark

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